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We offer a wide selection of Framed Jewish Art pieces from Israeli Jewish Artists and American Jewish Artists. Many of the framed prints of Jewish Art make great Jewish Weddings Gifts, Bar Mitzvah Gifts, Bat Mitzvah Gifts, and New Baby Gifts. Many of the artists incorporate Jewish prayers and Jewish symbols in their art.

Each Jewish Artist has their own unique style. Some popular Jewish Artists with a selection of framed prints are Micki Caspi and Rebecca Shore.

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Justice Serigraph by Mordechai Rosenstein
SKU: AR100-212-001
Price: $350.00

Justice Serigraph (silk screen) - 20" x 24" framed
Jerusalem Home Blessing by Reuven Masel
SKU: AR100-247-001
Price: $112.00
Jewish Art- Jerusalem Home Blessing by Reuven Masel - 15" x 17"
Vally Home Blessing Jewish Art
SKU: AR100-338-008
Price: $42.00
Sold out
Jewish Art - Home Blessing- Vally Home Blessing
SKU: AR108-108-001
Price: $85.00
The Children's "Shema" print is a perfect give for a young child. The print comes with framed with a multi colored frame.
Alef Bet Blocks Framed Print by Rebecca Shore
SKU: AR108-108-002
Price: $85.00
The Alef Bet Print is a perfect gift for a new baby. The print comes with a multicolored frame. 
Mitzvah Train Framed Print by Rebecca Shore
SKU: AR108-108-005
Price: $95.00
This framed print illustrates 13 everyday mitzvot. This is a perfect gift for any young child.
Woman of Valor Framed Lithograph by Rebecca Shore
SKU: AR108-108-045
Price: $95.00
The lithograph by Rebecca Shore honors woman with the hymn Eshet Chayil. 
Bat Mitzvah Blessing - Women of the Bible Framed Print by Micki Caspi
SKU: AR111-111-014
Price: $85.00

The print by Micki Caspi includes quotes from Proverbs, Pirkei Avot, and the Siddur to praise the Bat Mitzvah. The print comes with a gold frame and tan mat.

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